Look at these videos and/or others suggested on the same YouTube page:

thumb|300px|left|Hartford man hit by car and no one helps thumb|300px|right|Man dies on New York street: nobody stopped to help him

Considering the relative proportions, what can be seen are metaphors for what happens in Wikimedia projects.

These other videos are equally metaphors for what goes on frequently on Wikimedia projects. The one on the left is a bit long but it has a lot of important information:

thumb|300px|left|Police officers beat unconscious man thumb|300px|right|Uighur woman kills Han Chinese

Metaphorically these are trivial scenes at the Brazilian Wikipedia:

thumb|300px|left|Back stabbing thumb|300px|right|Attempted murder thumb|300px|left|Yet more stabbing

In summary, this is a metaphor for what goes on at the Brazilian Wikipedia: thumb|300px|right|As you do unto others